Lagar de Costa

Sister Sonia makes the wines.  Brother Manu tends the vines.  Mom and dad run a 6-bedroom BnB in the heart of the Salnés Valley, home to the great Albariños.  This is a truly a family-run estate, where the utmost care is given to craft some of the most elegant wines in the region.   

A natural expression of coastal Albariño

The Costa family vineyards grow up to the beaches of Castrelo.  The sandy soils here are home to some impressive pergola-trained  70 year-old vines.  Manu is a dedicated grower whose youthful features can be misleading; he is an experienced viticulturist who knows his art.  Growing grapes on the Atlantic is a hazardous affair - continuous changing weather, and usually poor weather at that, are his daily bread.  So Manu grows his vines up high, in the traditional Pergola system, where the older vines resemble trees more than climbers.  The thick-skinned Albariño is also at home in these conditions, where humidity in the form of rainfall or fog are a constant.

Sonia and Manu decide together when to bring the grapes in for harvest.  Sonia is a staunch believer in expressing her region's local character, therefore she uses only wild yeasts that seem to be quite happy to lend a helping hand in the vineyards and the winery.