Tocat de l'Ala

Mariona and Santi have a boutique winery in Mollet de Parelada, in the heart of the Empordà region.  They teamed up with the Coca i Fitó brothers to produce two singular wines based on old-vine Grenache and Carignan.  A white wine will be released this spring.

Restaurateurs and Growers 

The couple runs a family restaurant when they’re not tending their bush vines that surround the village.  They have just enough time to make their own wines, tend the vines, run a restaurant and raise two children to begin a new project, so they talked to Toni to see if he would be interested in directing the vinification of a modern style Empordà.  Toni was delighted by the idea, and suggested making two reds and eventually a white.  The first red, Tocat de l’Ala (“Touched by the Wing”, a proverb meaning “a bit off his rocker”), was released in 2011.  Miquel came up with the name because people in the area are known to be a bit strange due to the Tramuntana wind, which can drive anyone crazy after being exposed to it for too long.  Voilà, a star was born.  From the 1st vintage of 14,000 bottles, the project now produces 60,000.

Tocat i Posat is made from the oldest vines on the property, and is thus a minimal quantity affair.  Average production runs around 2,000 bottles.  The wine is power and elegance, which is what one should expect from old-vine Grenache and Carignan in the northeast corner of Spain.

 A white wine will be released in Spring 2015, made of White Grenache and Macabeu.

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