Tolo do Xisto

Tolo do Xisto, or “Crazy about Slate”, describes the passion Andrea Obenza has for the incredibly steep vineyards that bank the river Sil in Ribeira Sacra.  Here you find old Mencía bush vines seemingly clinging precariously to the slate slopes.  To harvest in these conditions, one has to be a bit nuts.  But once you’ve tried these lively, wonderfully aromatic wines, you’ll be glad she does. 

A Dream that Begins in Terra Alta....

Andrea had worked with star Catalan winemaker Toni Coca in Terra Alta during the harvests of 2010 – 2011.  She told him of her dream to make a pure Mencía from her homeland in Ribeira Sacra, Galicia, on the other coast of the country.  Three years later, that dream became a reality.  Andrea moved home in 2012 to put the pieces into place. 

...And Comes to Life in Ribeira Sacra 

Tolo do Xisto is made from grapes coming from two specific vineyards along the Sil river.  The first, located in Sober, is made of pure schist soils that provide minerality and freshness, while the second site located in Vilachá de Salvador has clay and schist soils, providing a vibrant fruit profile and structure to the wine.  The result is a wine that is markedly Atlantic in character: aromatic and fresh, with tart fruit and spicy notes, backed with zipping acidity typical of the varietal.